The People’s Government of Choice – Olwam Mnqwazi #OurVoteOurVoice

I have never seen so much confusion amongst young people, and older people equally, concerning who they want to vote for in the next coming general elections on the 7th of May. It really seems as if it is easier to stay at home, and not vote for any party than to vote for the current
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Elections are useful, but there is more – Erik de Ridder #OurVoteOurVoice

“’The beautiful is as useful as the useful.’ He added after a moment’s silence,’ Perhaps more so.’” wrote Victor Hugo in Les Misérables, responding to the assertion that a flower garden planted amidst
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A Post-Election Scenario – Sizwe Mpofu-Walsh #OurVoteOurVoice

Two alliances have dominated South African politics in the constitutional era. On one pole, the tripartite alliance has enjoyed the majority of political control; on the other, decentralized and traditional commercial interests have dominated the economy. No doubt, there has been cros
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Beyond May 7 – Olwam Mnqwazi #OurVoteOurVoice

As we approach May 7th, many black South Africans are bitter and angry about a lot of things. Starting from the outcomes of CODESA, the distribution of wealth in the country and many other new realities in the post 1994 SA – people are asking questions. It doesn't matter how hard on
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On voting (or ‘to call a thing by its proper name’) – Lindiwe Malindi #OurVoteOurVoice

The word ‘democracy’ comes from the Greek word dēmokratia. It is a combination of ‘dēmos’ meaning ‘the people’ + -kratia meaning ‘power’ or ‘rule’. The official political handbook, sanctioned by the so-called “international community”, tells us something q
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